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    WhatsApp Business Android App Goes Live in India:

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    WhatsApp Business Android app is now live for users in India. Businesses can sign into the WhatsApp Business app with any mobile number which isn’t registered to their regular WhatsApp Messenger app.

    As claimed by the company, the new app which is now available on Google Play Store, makes it easier for companies to connect with customers and vice-versa. Here’s everything else you need to know about the WhatsApp Business app.

    WhatsApp Business is yet to come on Apple App Store in India, and asks for a separate phone number to start off the business.

    The company has highlighted that only Businesses need to download the new app – for customers, everything remains the same and they’ll be receiving messages on the same Messenger app.

    What is WhatsApp Business App?

    WhatsApp Business is just an extension of your regular WhatsApp for businesses, who get more interactive features that help them connect with new-age consumers who prefer messaging over spam calls.

    How Does It Work?Download WhatsApp Business app from Google Play StoreRegister with mobile number that is not signed up with WhatsApp MessengerAdd business details like company name, address and email IDYou’re good to go

    How the interface of WhatsApp Business app looks like.

    The app will help customers with useful information such as a business description, email or store addresses and website.

    In addition to sending messages to consumers, businesses can also track the metrics of the messages sent, giving them clarity on what works with its users, and what doesn’t.

    WhatsApp Business will also work for users on desktop via WhatsApp Web.

    WhatsApp will segregate messages from Business accounts by listing such users as Business Accounts. And in the coming months, WhatsApp Business will probably follow Facebook’s cue of verified accounts by giving them a Green Tick.

    According to WhatsApp’s own admission, around 84 percent of SMBs in India think that WhatsApp helps them communicate with customers, and 80 percent of SMBs think that WhatsApp helps them grow their business. To meet these demands, WhatsApp has come up with an app to make things easier for their business customers.