BIG BREAKING NEWS राहुल ने सुबह कहा मेरी माँ ज्यादा भारतीय त्याग की मूर्ति रात को ही हो गया ईसाई मूर्ति का विसर्जन सोनिया की गन्दी चाल खुल गयी

एक ऐसा घिनौना सच सामने आया जहां मंत्री को सोनिया गांधी ने आदेशित किया कि चर्च काउंसिल और इस्लामिक काउंसिल से मिलो हिंदुओं को बांटो,ये है इटली से आई त्याग की मूर्ति जो इटली में दो वक्त के खाने को मोहताज थी।

(मंत्री पाटिल का पत्र सोनिया को)

In an explosive letter that has come out just 2 days before elections, it has now been fully exposed that Sonia Gandhi was behind the controversial Lingayat division which shook the entire nation.

The letter was put out by some insiders in Congress which has shown how the entire Lingayat division was planned by Sonia Gandhi using some foreign NGOs called Global Christian Organisation and World Islamic Organisation and few Mutts with an intention to separate Lingayats from Hindus community.

In the letter written by Minister M B Patil who also happens to be the President of Bijapur Lingayat Association to Sonia Gandhi clearly reveals that as suggested by Sonia Gandhi he held talks withGlobal Christian Organisation and World Islamic Organisation to formulate strategy for the upcoming Karnataka elections and the 2019 general elections.

In a shocking expose, he says that the Global Christian Organisation and World Islamic Organisation have suggested that in order to win the 2019 elections they need to unite the Christian and Muslim votes and divide the Hindus on the basis of caste and sub-caste. They have stated that the growth of RSS will have to be stopped and this can only be done by dividing Hindus.

They have also mentioned the way to achieve this objective stating that the friction between the Lingayat community and Veerashaiva community will have to be exploited and separate the Lingayats from the Hindu community. He says that they have taken the support of 5 Lingayat Swamijis along with a Lady Swamiji (Mate Mahadevi) to spear head the campaign to divide the Linagayats.